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Personalized Intensives

Personalized intensive therapy is a powerful tool for reaching your goals and working through specific issues in a focused and intentional way. Personalized intensives can center on time sensitive issues or decisions, specific events that occur and create out of the ordinary distress, or long-time concerns that haven't been treated effectively with traditional weekly or biweekly therapy sessions. 

Get relief. Get unstuck. Make changes and gain confidence. Get better and move forward with intentional, personalized care. Personalized intensives give you the dedicated time and space to explore, heal, and grow.

How it works:

1. Intensives begin with a 90 minute assessment and planning session to identify your specific concerns and goals, as well as a plan for supporting you through and to them. 

2. Schedule your intensive session(s). Intensives are offered in three to six hour increments over one to three days, sometimes consecutive days and sometimes with short breaks between them. You will work with your therapist to determine what best fits your needs.

3. After your intensive session(s), there is a 90 minute post-intensive debrief to assess progress made, explore new insights, encourage integration, and discuss next steps. 


90 minute assessment and planning sessions and 90 minute post-intensive debrief sessions are $270 p/session.

Intensive therapy sessions scheduled during the week are $200 p/hour. Intensive therapy sessions scheduled on the weekend are $225 p/hour. Schedule will be determined between you and your therapist based on what best meets your needs and goals.

Payment for intensives must be received in full at least one week prior to your scheduled session(s). The cost of the intensives may be broken up into smaller payments. Utilize the consultation call with your desired therapist to discuss options for payment plans. 

Find out if a personalized intensive is a good fit for you or someone in your family; reach out to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today.

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