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Couples Intensives

During a couples therapy intensive, you and your partner will have dedicated, focused time to work together on gridlocked issues, develop emotional intimacy, and deepen your interpersonal connection.  This is an accelerated form of couples therapy that will rapidly de-escalate negative cycles to more quickly repair and restore your relationship.  Couples intensives can also support you in working through tough and timely decisions or process through unexpected events impacting your relationship. 

Intensives are ideal for couples who:

  • Have busy schedules and find it challenging to commit to make weekly or biweekly appointments.

  • Struggle with scheduling ongoing childcare support for weekly or biweekly appointments.

  • Have been disappointed with the lack of progress in traditional couples counseling.

  • Are in need of strategies they can use right away to get results quickly.

  • Have experienced betrayal and need a place to process and heal.

  • Are seeking discernment about their future.

  • Want to reconnect and restore intimacy in their relationships.

  • Are ready to prioritize and invest in the relationship. 

How it works:

For new clients: a minimum of a six hour session is required for new clients in order to adequately assess the needs of your relationship, discuss treatment needs, and begin working towards your goals.

1. Prior to your scheduled couples intensive, each member of the couple will complete Gottman Relationship Checkup.

2. Your couples intensive will start with a joint interview (approximately 90 minutes), followed by individual interviews (about 30-45 minutes each). Couples will then break for one hour while your therapist interprets your assessment results.

3. After the break, your therapist will review the results from the Check up and interviews and provide and overview of the plan, followed by teaching foundational tools.

4. If additional sessions are scheduled, days two and three will build upon strategies and resources used on the first day, so couples can now take deep dives into pressing issues and have time for extensive practice of tools for a successful relationship.   

5. The last 30-60 minutes of the final day of your scheduled intensive will focus on progress made, integration into your daily life, and next steps for continued progress. 

For current or recent clients: the Gottman Relationship Checkup and interviews in steps 1 and 2 above are not needed if you have completed them recently with a therapist at our practice. The focus and plan for couples intensives with current or recent clients can be developed during a session with your current therapist or via a consultation call. 

Need something different? Whether you are a new client, an existing client, or were recently a client at our practice, if you are interested in doing a couples intensive that focuses on a specific stressor, recent event, or a time sensitive issue that you need immediate help processing, reach out to discuss a customized couples intensive therapy session that can look different than our traditional approach to couples intensives outlined above. 



$650 for 3 hours  

$1,300 for 6 hours  


$775 for 3 hours  

$1,550 for 6 hours

$3,000 for 2 days 

$5,500 for 3 days 

Payment for intensives must be received in full at least one week prior to your scheduled session(s). The cost of the intensives may be broken up into smaller payments. Utilize the consultation call with your desired therapist to discuss options for payment plans. 

Make it a Retreat

Make your couples therapy intensive into a weekend retreat, an in-person getaway to reset and spend dedicated time working on your relationship. Our offices are within twenty minutes of multiple hotels and resorts. When booking your intensive, ask your therapist to share our list of places to stay, restaurants, and activities to round out your time together while getting away. Price of additional accommodations is not included in the cost of the couples therapy intensive. 

Find out if a couples intensive is a good fit for you or someone in your family; reach out to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today.

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