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Intensive Therapy
A powerful, accelerated form of therapy for lasting change.  

Imagine doing months worth of therapy in a couple of days. Imagine feeling better sooner. Imagine working through issues you've been holding onto for a long time and finally feeling free.


Welcome to Intensive Therapy.

Therapy intensives are focused, lengthier counseling sessions centered around a specific treatment goal. Intensives can be an alternative or a complement to typical weekly or biweekly 55-minute therapy sessions and are customizable to meet your goals and needs. Intensive sessions are offered in three to six hour time blocks (with breaks) and sometimes multiple sessions are scheduled over one to three days. Because of the longer duration, you will have time and space for uninterrupted work with your therapist so you can feel better faster.  


Intensives are ideal for:  

  • Clients with busy schedules that cannot accommodate weekly therapy.  

  • Current clients wishing they had more time with their therapist.  

  • Clients seeking additional, focused support for a specific goal.  

  • Clients who are interested in a short-term investment for long-term benefits.  

  • Clients looking for something new to support emotional and mental wellbeing.  

  • Clients who are feeling stuck with their current therapy work. 

  • Clients who don't live in our area, but would like to work with someone on our team.

  • Clients who are in need of immediate mental health support or need to make decisions quickly. 

At CFMC we customize intensives to the needs of our clients and are happy to consult with you to build an intensive that meets your needs around any given issue or personal goal. Some examples may include: anxiety, life transitions, parenting, family planning, medical decision making, coping with a diagnosis, and relationship difficulties. In addition, we offer specialized intensives for trauma and couples work specifically. 

Learn more about Intensive Therapy options and financial investment below.

If you would like more information about how we can assist you or your family, reach out to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today.

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