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Brain Mapping
Counseling Services

The brain is an incredible machine that controls and directs all of our body’s functions and actions, from breathing to playing sports and eating to completing math problems. Through natural development, our brains grow from “the bottom up,” meaning it starts with our brainstem that controls the most basic body functions and finishes in our cortex where we have our most complex thoughts. However, when individuals experience trauma, prolonged stress, and/or neglect, the brain does not develop optimally.  These obstacles can present a significant roadblock when it comes to counseling, as various methods engage different parts of the brain. In other words, every individual has a unique brain and, therefore, requires a unique counseling strategy.

With certification in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics™ (NMT™) from the Child Trauma Academy in Houston, TX, we are able to complete an NMT™ Metric, or “brain map.” Through a specialized assessment, we gather information and create a colorful outline of the brain that reveals how an individual’s brain is developed.  This outline is particularly helpful in identifying areas where the brain is underdeveloped. After reviewing the outline we can then recommend specific therapies and/or activities that will help develop the targeted areas of the brain. For more information on NMT™ and the Child Trauma Academy, please go here.

If you are interested in learning more about brain mapping and how it could work for you, please reach out for your free 15 minutes phone consultation

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