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Couples Counseling
Counseling Services

Relationships can be one of the most exciting and wonderful parts of our lives, but they can also be the source of some of our greatest stress. Couples decide to come to counseling for a range of reasons, but one thing is nearly always true: something feels off. If you are feeling like things are off you may find yourself wondering if your relationship is sustainable. Perhaps you’re worried about disconnectedness, experiencing conflict, or struggling with communication and understanding one another. Maybe there has been a more obvious rupture, like an emotional or physical affair, and you’re not sure how to navigate the relationship anymore. At CFMC we have trained therapists who use evidenced-based approaches to help you navigate the challenges of your relationship. Some reasons couples reach out to us include:

  • Proactively keeping a relationship healthy

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communication strategies

  • Increasing empathy and understanding

  • Increasing connectedness and positive regard for one another

  • Addressing infidelity

  • Rebuilding relationships

  • Restoring trust

  • Discovering strengths in the relationship

  • Premarital counseling

  • Navigating life transitions together

  • Working through infertility together

  • Support in growing a family together

  • Working toward being on the same page as parents

  • Separating amicably

  • Co-parenting post separation

  • Support when one or both partners is/are struggling with mental illness and or substance abuse*

Working with an unbiased professional can have a positive impact on your relationship, no matter what it looks like. Our therapists use evidenced-based approaches, such as the Gottman Method, to meet the goals of couples coming to our practice. We are also informed by family systems theory and attachment theory and utilize these concepts in our work with couples and families. 

Couples sessions vary in length. In addition to standard 55 and 90 minute appointments, our team also offers Couples Therapy Intensives consisting of 3-6 hour sessions (with breaks) and can be for one day or multiple days. For more information about therapy intensives and to see if they could be right for you, reach out  to

* We do not offer substance abuse counseling specifically. We recommend working with someone trained in substance abuse counseling and/or a support group program in conjunction with couples counseling. 


If you would like more information about how we can assist you or your family, reach out to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today.

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